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Oregon, Farm raised

Nigiri 3
Sashimi 8

Pink shrimp

Florida, Wild Caught

Ebi Mayo roll 5.5

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make choices for healthy oceans. Our recommendations indicate which seafood items are "Best Choices," "Good Alternatives," and which ones you should "Avoid."

The Minnesota Zoo is committed to supporting sustainable seafood and freshwater choices to help protect our environment. The goal of our sustainable seafood program is to increase the availability of sustainable seafood in the Twin Cities and increase awareness of sustainable seafood issues throughout Minnesota.

Reservations welcome.

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Where Our Food
Comes From

Sea To Table

Partners with local fishermen from small-scale sustainable wild fisheries, finding better markets for their catch. Delivering overnight direct from the dock, creating a direct connection from fisherman to chef.

The Fish Guys, Inc.


Was founded in 1993 with the desire to source the freshest and widest variety of seafood from around the globe and deliver it locally to customers who understand and appreciate uncompromising quality. With this aim, we quickly became the Midwest's premier wholesale supplier of fresh and frozen seafood. And we did it by demonstrating respect at every step.

From our choice of fishing and farming partners and meticulous whole-fish processing to our stringent sustainability practices and unwavering customer-centric service, we treat our people, our product, our process, our environment and our customers with the utmost respect.

Berkwood Farms

Des Moines, Iowa

Berkwood Farms' Berkshire Pork is raised humanely with room to move within a network of sustainable family farms by families who share pride of ownership in Berkwood Farms.

At Berkwood Farms we are mindful of quality and the expectations of our customers. Our animals are never fed antibiotics or hormones for sub-therapeutic growth promotion. We care for our animals the way we care for our farms - with great pride and a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Larry Schultz Organic Farm

Owatonna, Minnesota

Schultz's chickens are free-range, certified organic and are never administered hormones or antibiotics. In fact, the family grows most of their crops, grinds their own feed, candles and grades their own eggs (the day they're laid, unlike some farms) and handles most of their deliveries.

Peterson Limousin Farms

Osceola, Wisconsin

A family operation specializing in producing premium-quality beef with naturally superior cattle—Limousin. Our antibiotic and growth hormone-free cattle are custom harvested at a nearby locker plant. We began this beef program with the intent on creating greater value for our beef customers. Today, our intent has become a realization. The feedback received from our customers is encouraging. Families love the savory taste and tenderness of Limousin beef while taking comfort in knowing the animal was raised locally and humanely.


Verdant Tea

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Direct-sourced, from farm to cup...

AT VERDANT TEA, we're privileged and proud to work directly with farmers and innovators all across China, sourcing our tea directly from small family farms, and working to eliminate the distance between tea farmer and tea lover.

We partner with six family farms in China for artisan-crafted, ethically-sourced tea. From the He Family farm in Shandong to Master Han's 1000-year-old Yunnan trees, our tea comes from real people who set fair prices and take pride in their craft.

About Kyatchi

Kyatchi is a Minneapolis restaurant inspired by Japanese cuisine. Conceived for the Minneapolis' Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhoods—right next to Uptown and Eat Street—Kyatchi is the creation of Kim Bartmann, Sarah Peterson, Sam Peterson, Chef Hide Tozawa, and Anne Saxton. We’re excited to be open!

Kyatchi is committed to fun times, happy service, healthy oceans, and perennial landscapes. We’re plating up sustainable ingredients—especially with a focus on sustainable fish and seafood—in both traditional Japanese and new American ways. We’re also on a mission to pour you a great sake. Irashai!

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